Feedlot Construction

Our pride and glory in southwest Kansas are the feedlots that showcase our exceptional work and expertise. The feedlots in this rural area are without a doubt our specialty that we can take care of from beginning to end. With clients such as USA Feedyard, Heifer Source, & Prairie Wind, we believe that we provide the best possible experience for each and everyone.


Next time you drive by a feedlot in southwest Kansas, we likely supplied the concrete for it! At Liberal Concrete LLC, we take care of our feedlot clients. Whether it is a beginning to end on a new feedlot, making an addition, or supplying the bunks, we do it all! Next time you’re thinking of expanding your feedlot, give us a call and we can give you a free estimate and provide excellent service from beginning to end.


Liberal Concrete LLC is famous for our feed bunks. We are formerly known as “Pappas Concrete and Feed Bunks.” If you’re looking to replace your feed bunks, look no further! We offer many options for you to look at. Some of our precast bunks include:

  • Flat Bottom Feed Bunks

  • Round Bottom Feed Bunks

  • Sheep Bunks

  • J-Bunks, 12′

  • Bunk Stands

We also offer pre-cast concrete blocks for safety barriers, walls, and more!